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Deals Italia is a division of Perseo Communication Ltd in London, UK with TV key partners like Shopping Italy TVShopping Italia TV (N. 1 rank on any Search Engine worldwide with keywords Shopping Italy), Shopping World TV, and Shopping Dubai TV, Shopping USA TV, Shopping UK TV, Shopping Canada TV, Shopping JAPAN TV, Shopping Caribbean TV, Principauté de Monaco TV

Inside our marketplace you can find several offers to buy our selected offers for Hi-tech Electronics, Food and Drink, Sport and Health supplements, Beauty & SPAs, cosmetic, travel, travel gateways, air tickets, hotels, restaurants, travel entertainment, aesthetic, language courses, women fashion, men fashion and much more at the most competitive prices available in the market!.

Our main focus is to keep our clients happy with the most excellent services.

What we do for our clients

Everyday our stuff is in charge to work very hard to select great deals for you from our selected merchants partner. Some deals are managed directly from us and you can find a special badge to identify them. You can feel safe to buy any deals you find inside our marketplace because our major desire is to keep you happy. If you have any questions, please always free feel to ask before to complete your buy. Our stuff will be always happy to assist you.

What we do for our merchants

Deals Italia together with all our TV Shopping Channels are a very large network with number 1 rank in all major search engine worldwide (Lycos, AOL, Google, Bing etc.) with a dynamic and perfect platform to manage local and long distance business. No matter if you are a restaurant, hotel, service or event provider, Deals Italia can increase significantly your business opportunities!.

Contrary to other marketplace, our stuff has high skills experience in international marketing and communication with a dedicated support to each our single merchant partner to find the right synergy to power up your business. We know what to sell in the market for each single period of time, creating specific deals of the day offers to generate more visibility for your brand. As result Deals Italia merchant partner will begin very popular worldwide increasing terrifically their sales opportunity.


You will benefit of thousands deals of the day that we select everyday for effective price and quality.

Yes you reading correct information!. Our stuff is everyday selecting from qualified partners the best deals of the day to offer you, guarantying our clients the best lower price we can on time-by-time basis.


Have you an inquiry? Send us your questions and we will reply you in short time. Our major concern is to keep happy all our customers. Feel always free to give us a call or shoot us a message, Our professional stuff will reply to any your inquiries.

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